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Hughes formed the Hughes Aircraft Company in 1932, hiring numerous engineers and designers. He spent the rest of the 1930s and much of the 1940s setting multiple world air speed records and building the Hughes H-1 Racer and H-4 Hercules (the Spruce Goose ). He acquired and expanded Trans World Airlines and later acquired Air West , renaming it Hughes Airwest . Hughes was included in Flying Magazine 's list of the 51 Heroes of Aviation, ranked at No. 25. [6] Today, his legacy is maintained through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Howard Hughes Corporation . [7]

Western philosophers , since the time of Descartes and Locke , have struggled to comprehend the nature of consciousness and identify its essential properties. Issues of concern in the philosophy of consciousness include whether the concept is fundamentally coherent; whether consciousness can ever be explained mechanistically ; whether non-human consciousness exists and if so how can it be recognized; how consciousness relates to language ; whether consciousness can be understood in a way that does not require a dualistic distinction between mental and physical states or properties; and whether it may ever be possible for computing machines like computers or robots to be conscious, a topic studied in the field of artificial intelligence .

Neurotic Machinery - CataleptNeurotic Machinery - CataleptNeurotic Machinery - CataleptNeurotic Machinery - Catalept